May 29, 2012

Welcome Danielle as New Chapter Manager of CHRS!

Hi everyone

Yes, you read it correctly! After 17 years of leading Columbus HRS, I have
officially turned the reins over to Danielle Patterson, a long-time
volunteer of our group.

We actually have been preparing for this change over the past couple of
years and things are now in place. Danielle has been heading up our adoption
program for the past 1 1/2 years as well as our volunteer program with
Capital Area Humane Society. As many of you know already, she is extremely
dedicated to helping rabbits!!

The Board of Directors changes are listed below:

Terri Cook - President & Treasurer
Sue Mangold - Vice President
Julie Schram - Secretary

I will continue to operate the Bunny General Store out of my home.
Thanks to everyone for all the years of supporting me and the vision of
Columbus HRS.

Please welcome Danielle ( as the new
Chapter Manager!


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July 4, 2011

We LOVE Amy Sedaris!!

National HRS released a new Public Service Announcement starring comedienne and rabbit-slave Amy Sedaris. We think it's fabulous!!!

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June 12, 2011

A New Arrival!


I am very pleased to share the arrival of a new addition to the family of Heather and John Dean! Baby Avery Elizabeth arrived on June 9, 2011 - about 3 weeks early, but a healthy ‎7 lb 10 oz and 19.5 long!

The bunnies aren't sure yet what to make of all the new smells and sounds and strange activity in the house, but they are curious! Heather and John are making sure they are still getting plenty of attention, too, in between feedings and diaper changes and all the other comings and goings. I'm sure it won't be long before baby toys and bunny toys are interchangeable and Avery and the buns are keeping each other hopping!

Best wishes to the Deans as they start this new exciting phase!!

Posted by Terri at 6:36 PM

May 9, 2011

Adoption Update

Scarlet 005.JPG
Little lionhead Scarlett was adopted at the end of April to be buddies with resident Rex rabbit Theodore. Scarlett groomed Theo on the first date and did all sorts of binkies around him so we are keeping our paws crossed for an easy and quick bonding. Scarlett now lives in Barnesville, Ohio.

Check out her pretty new "hair" accessories!

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April 22, 2011

We have a WINNER!

The winner of the Make Mine Chocolate! Easter basket is.....
Kim G.! She already picked up her basket at Karalee's and was quite pleased with all the goodies.

Thank you to everyone who supported CHRS through this raffle. We made $172.00 for the rabbits! And a big thanks to Adrienne Lang who donated it to us.

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April 15, 2011

John Dean on WSYX6 News talks about "Make Mine Chocolate!"

On Friday, April 15, CHRS Educator John Dean appeared on the WSYX6 news at noon to promote "Make Mine Chocolate!" and responsible pet parenting. Helping him share his message was foster bun Charley, who charmed the news anchor and the viewers! Way to go boys!!


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April 9, 2011

MMC on 10TV Sunday Morning News

The Columbus House Rabbit Society's MMC Day at Capital Area Humane Society on April 2nd was featured on 10TV's morning news the following day.

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January 23, 2011

New Year - New Educators

We are pleased to announce that we have added two new CHRS Educators:

Laine and Megan are two of our most dedicated volunteers. Both are currently assisting with answering our Help line, they have each fostered rabbits when we've needed them to, and for many years, they have consistently volunteered at our events. Megan also helps plan our social activities, and Laine maintains our membership database.

They are committed to the HRS philosophy and values, have proven themselves to be knowledgeable about rabbit care and behavior, and are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with the public.

Please remember to congratulate them next time you see them!

If you are interested in becoming and Educator in Training, please contact Terri at

Posted by Terri at 5:58 PM

September 16, 2010

CHRS Welcomes New Educators!

The Columbus House Rabbit Society would like to congratulate our newly minted Educators (and Fosterers):

Heather Dean
John Dean
Megan Lynch
Danielle Patterson

These folks are among our most reliable volunteers. They are committed to the HRS philosophy and values, have proven themselves to be knowledgeable about rabbit care and behavior, and are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with the public.

Please take a minute the next time you see them to congratulate them on this achievement!

Posted by Terri at 6:50 PM

June 5, 2008

Excellent Article and Website Updates

Check out this terrific article on CHRS! Those of us who have adopted from CHRS certainly share the sentiments in this article.

While you're at it, take a look at a couple of additions that have been made to the home page. In the center of the page, you will now find a link to the CHRS newsletters. Although these newsletters date back to 2003, the information contained in them remains relevant. You will also find a second new link, "In the News," which will provide links to articles that reference CHRS. If you find one that is not listed, please send it to me.

Happy reading!

Posted by Sue at 5:37 PM

February 7, 2008

Edible Chocolate Bunnies for Easter!

We are excited to announce that professional chocolatier Cindy Derosier is offering a Make Mine Chocolate! themed rabbit at her boutique with 50% of the proceeds benefiting MMC.

We will be stocking a few bunnies in Bunny General for local people, and you can also order directly from Cindy's Chocolate Boutique at

See the flyer below for all the details!
Chocolate Bunnies

Posted by Karalee at 6:35 PM

December 19, 2007


There's great cause to celebrate this holiday season. We've just learned that PetSmart has decided to no longer sell rabbits! Please note the following message from National HRS's Margo DeMello:

Dear friends,

Thanks to your phone calls, letters and emails, we have just
learned that PetSmart is discontinuing the rabbit sale "test"
and will no longer be selling rabbits in any of their stores,
once the remaining rabbits are gone.

This is wonderful news, and is a fantastic Christmas present
to all animal lovers, and especially to all of the rabbit people
who have been active in this campaign. We have heard that it was
because of the vocal opposition of animal lovers across the
United States that they have reconsidered their choice.

Please thank PetSmart for their decision, and let them know
that it was the right choice.

Please address your thanks to PetSmart care of:

John Alpaugh
Vice President, Specialty Merchandising
19601 North 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85027
(623) 580-6100

Posted by Eileen at 4:28 PM

August 31, 2007

"PetSmart Criticized for Testing Rabbit Sales"

On August 29, 2007, NPR's All Things Considered aired a report entitled "PetSmart Critized for Testing Rabbit Sales." To hear a recording of this broadcast, click on the following web site:


Posted by Eileen at 10:34 PM

July 18, 2007

PetSmart Selling Rabbits

It has come to our attention that PetSmart will begin to sell rabbits at their stores. Please take time to read the following letter (composed by Kathleen Wilsbach, President of the House Rabbit Society) that was sent to the President and Chief Operating Officer of PetSmart, Inc. CHRS is asking members, their families and friends, and anyone who loves rabbits to contact PetSmart regarding this issue. You can make a difference in the lives of rabbits! (Contact information is listed following the letter.)

----- Original Message -----

Dear friends of House Rabbit Society,

As some of you may have heard, PetSmart is now going to be selling rabbits. Following is a letter that we are sending to PetSmart today, and putting on our website, regarding their decision and HRS's position on that. Please feel free to forward this letter, and the "What you can Do" information following it, to anyone and everyone you think might be interested.

July 14, 2007

Robert F. Moran
President and Chief Operating Officer
PetSmart, Inc.
19601 North 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85027

Dear Mr. Moran,

I am writing this letter in response to PetSmart’s recently announced decision to sell purpose-bred, baby dwarf rabbits in PetSmart stores. For some time now, House Rabbit Society and other rabbit rescue organizations have enjoyed mutually beneficial relationships with their local PetSmart stores, placing rescued and adoptable rabbits through adoption programs at those stores. To say that House Rabbit Society is disappointed by PetSmart's violation of its own commitment to save rescued animals would be a gross understatement. I’m sure you can understand why PetSmart’s decision to sell rabbits feels like such a betrayal, after all the work done by your partnering organizations to place homeless rabbits through your stores.

PetSmart’s proposed sale of rabbits goes against everything that PetSmart itself claims to stand for. According to the Humane Society of the United States, rabbits are the third most-frequently relinquished species at shelters across the country – a huge, and largely hidden, problem, because many members of the general public are simply not aware of it. PetSmart claims that its sale of baby rabbits will not exacerbate this problem because 1) all PetSmart dwarf rabbits will be spayed/neutered prior to sale, and PetSmart employees will be “trained to instruct the public” regarding their care; 2) PetSmart will perform “customer-satisfaction surveys” after the purchase of a rabbit and will have a 14-day return policy, in case the rabbit “doesn’t work out.” Let me address each of these points.

1) Although spaying/neutering does indeed prevent further reproduction, it does not prevent – or even acknowledge – the myriad other reasons why so many rabbits end up in shelters. These problems can be prevented only by skilled, up-front screening of all potential adopters by rabbit caregivers with long-term, first-hand knowledge of companion rabbits. This skill is not something that can be acquired overnight. While your sales staff may go through a limited training before being tasked with caring for and adopting out these complicated animals, our own volunteers go through a minimum of a
year of training before they are qualified to educate the public about rabbits. Our HRS veterinarians have received substantial additional training and experience with rabbits (since companion rabbit medicine, with rare exceptions, is not part of the curriculum in veterinary medical schools), and as a group, have treated and cared for tens of thousands of rabbits over the last couple of decades alone. It is regrettable that you have chosen to ignore all of this education and experience when considering the sale of
rabbits in your stores.

2) To do its “survey,” will PetSmart contact its customers after several weeks? Months? Years? Throughout the lifetime of the rabbit (up to ten years or more)? In our experience, rabbits can be abandoned due to a change in the owners’ circumstances many months or even years after the initial purchase. PetSmart’s 14-day return policy will simply not provide the window that is needed for all of the PetSmart rabbits that will be abandoned months or years after purchase. Many will be dropped off at animal shelters, where, if not adopted or rescued by groups like House Rabbit Society, they will be euthanized. Others will simply be released into neighborhoods or wilderness areas because of the tragically mistaken belief that a companion rabbit set loose will join a wild rabbit family. Instead, these rabbits fall victim to dogs, cats, raccoons, raptors, and automobiles. Will the numbers of rabbits euthanized thanks to PetSmart’s new rabbit sales program be subtracted from the number of rabbits PetSmart Charities claims to have saved? Will PetSmart agree to take back any rabbit purchased at any of its stores, over the rabbit’s 10-year lifespan? That is precisely what we, and many other rescue organizations, agree to do when we adopt out a rabbit, because it is the only way to assure the rabbit will not end up in a shelter again.

The HRS members and representatives who have already contacted PetSmart have been given various reasons for PetSmart’s decision.

We have been told that PetSmart is responding to “market demand:” customers come into a store looking for rabbits, and PetSmart wants to meet this demand. What happens if customers come in asking for puppies and kittens? Will PetSmart let this demand go unmet? Are rabbits less worthy of PetSmart’s protection than puppies and kittens?

We have been informed that PetSmart made its decision only after consulting with a team of “pet care experts.” House Rabbit Society, the largest repository of rabbit care experts in the world, was never consulted, nor, as far as we know, was any other rabbit rescue organization. HRS not only has more information on the demanding levels of care needed by rabbits than your own staff, but our volunteers know more about the surplus rabbit problem than any pet store ever could, since they deal with it on a daily basis.

We have also been told that PetSmart selected baby dwarf rabbits as the “best type of rabbit for a family.” This flies in the face of what most rabbit rescuers know from experience, and points to how sadly misinformed PetSmart’s decision is. Baby rabbits – like baby animals of any kind – are more destructive and require much more training and supervision than more mature animals, and dwarf rabbits are often significantly more skittish and harder to handle than larger rabbits. Further, dwarf rabbits have a higher incidence of dental disease due to their small, shortened head shape, and
this can mean expensive veterinary care as often as every other month. And finally, the pediatric surgeries that are required to produce sale-ready, baby rabbits may have potentially serious negative health effects. For example, it is known in other small mammals that bone density is decreased when these pediatric procedures are performed. In a rabbit, who already has a lightweight and fragile skeleton, this additional bone loss could be a serious problem in later years.

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits are not low-maintenance animals. In fact, compared to dogs and cats, they are actually high-maintenance pets. The hundreds of phone calls that we receive every week demonstrate that people who purchase rabbits at pet stores simply do not attain enough information on how to care for them, nor do they commit to the ten years or more that a rabbit will live. While you maintain that your veterinarians will teach your staff about rabbit care, we know that pet store staff, like so many service employees throughout this country, are generally short-term or part-time employees, often teenagers, most of whom have never lived with even one rabbit, let alone the scores that our volunteers have lived with. They simply do not have the knowledge, skills, or inclination to properly educate the public about these complex animals.

As the world’s largest rabbit rescue organization with a presence in forty states and six countries, and a website that gets over a million hits per week, House Rabbit Society has played the leading role in rescuing and placing abandoned rabbits. In our twenty years of rescue work, we have rescued over 20,000 rabbits, and our members look to us to fight the continued breeding and sale of rabbits, and to prevent as many of their deaths as we can. We are deeply concerned about this issue, since the vast majority of the pet rabbits we rescue and rehabilitate were originally purchased through pet stores and breeders.

There simply is no excuse in this day and age for a company with a reputation for compassion to continue to sell animals, but especially animals that are abandoned and euthanized at the rate that dogs, cats, and rabbits are. For PetSmart to feign ignorance or imply that the deaths of rabbits do not matter is repugnant to the men and women around the country who have dedicated their lives to saving these animals.

House Rabbit Society will be informing our members of PetSmart’s decision to place dollars over lives, and will encourage our members and allies to shop elsewhere for their pet supplies. As a national licensing organization, HRS does not prohibit its individual chapters from deciding for themselves whom they will partner with in their adoption activities. We recognize that some of our chapters have built strong and mutually productive relationships with some PetSmart stores, and we will not interfere with these. But as a national rescue organization, we can tell you that many of our chapters do not want to work with any organization that sells or breeds rabbits, and are extremely distressed by PetSmart's decision. We also will be speaking with the many dog and cat rescue groups that PetSmart works with to let them know of your decision.

In closing, on behalf of the Board of Directors of House Rabbit Society, I ask that PetSmart immediately reconsider its proposal regarding the sale of rabbits in PetSmart stores. PetSmart has honored its policy not to sell puppies and kittens in any of its stores; we ask that you extend the same protection to rabbits, and remember that compassion should not be limited to one or two animal species.

I eagerly await your response to our request. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information or clarification on anything covered in this letter. Finally, if PetSmart executives would like a face-to-face meeting with members of our board, we will go out of our way to arrange this.


Kathleen Wilsbach, Ph.D.
House Rabbit Society

Anita Garcia, Manager of Adoptions, PetSmart Services and Store Operations
Philip L. Francis, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
David K. Lenhardt, Senior Vice President, Services and Store Operations
Mary Miller, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
Sophie Engelhard Craighead, President of the Board, PetSmart Charities

What You Can Do Regarding PetSmart's Sale of Rabbits

Please let PetSmart know that you are unhappy with their decision to sell rabbits in their stores, rather than reach out to more rabbit rescue groups to expand their rabbit adoption programs. Please send PetSmart a polite letter or email, or give them a call to let them know of your concerns, via the contact information below:



Phone: (800) 738-1385
Fax: (623) 580-6502
Snail mail:
PetSmart, Inc.
19601 North 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85027


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May 31, 2007

New name to Blogging

I would like to introduce myself as a new "blogger" for the Columbus House Rabbit Society. My name is Eileen Vorst and I have been a member of the national HRS since 1996, when I brought home my first bunny, Little Beauty (who later became Little Beaui)! Never did I realize the impact this tiny animal would have on my life! Eventually I adopted Milli (1997), took in Princess Peapod (1997), adopted Sammy (1998) to be her bonded friend...and the story goes on! Currently I have 3 bunnies - Sammy, Benson, Thelma Louise - and 2 guinea pigs - Elizabeth & Lewis. Other volunteer work I do for CHRS is cleaning the rabbit pens in the lobby area at Capital Area Humane Society, attending picnics, meetings, parties, and spending time with other rabbit people! Over the years, CHRS has played a big part in my life and in the life of my bunnies. I have never met a group of people more dedicated to saving and providing the best quality of life for rabbits. I look forward to blogging for CHRS!

Posted by Eileen at 10:31 PM

April 17, 2007

Dawn's visit a success!

We had a nice turnout of 17 for Dawn Hromanik's visit despite the cold weather! Dawn brought a DVD talking about the history and culture of Oxbow as well as lots of literature to take home. Many questions were answered on where they grow the hay, how they grow it, etc which is so nice to know since our buns are very particular about what hay they will eat!

Terri Cook's culinary talents were evident when she brought in her rabbit cake. Not only was it fun and pleasing to the eyes but scrumptious too! See for yourself below.

Posted by Karalee at 11:39 AM

March 21, 2007

Rabbit Central donating 5 % of sales to Make Mine Chocolate!

Rabbit Central is a corporate sponsor of the Make Mine Chocolate!
campaign and has come up with a great way to support MMC this year. 5% of every order using the MMC coupon code will be donated
to our campaign. Guess you know what that means....SHOP!

Posted by Karalee at 4:28 PM

March 20, 2007

No More Homeless Pets & Make Mine Chocolate!

Make Mine Chocolate! will be the topic of discussion on Best Friend's No More Homeless Pets Forum March 26th - 30th. Our very own Terri Cook will be the guest "speaker"!

Have you ever wondered what happens to those cute rabbits sold around Easter? Tune in.

If you would like to sign up for Best Friend's No More Homeless Pets Forum, please visit:

Posted by Karalee at 2:17 PM

March 11, 2007

Midwest Veterinary Conference 2007

CHRS had another successful year at the veterinary conference. Two of our foster buns, Max and Elaina, did their best to entice people to our booth and let them see for themselves how delightful rabbits can be. Did people have to ask the common question: "Do rabbits have personalities?" No Way! These cuties showed their personalities big time! Max felt obligated to show how a bun can throw their toys in their water crock :-)

Max at Conference

A big thanks to all those who volunteered with me to work our booth:
Jill Baltes, Terri Cook, Laine Kathary, Megan Metzger, Danielle Patterson, Julie Schram, and Karen Winstead. And a huge thanks to my husband Chuck who always helps me set up and tear down our booth.

Posted by Karalee at 2:20 PM

February 27, 2007

National Confectioners Association partners with Make Mine Chocolate!

NCA is pleased to announce a partnership with "Make Mine Chocolate!" for Easter 2007. The goal of "Make Mine Chocolate!" is to educate the public of the challenges of properly caring for rabbits and to encourage them to purchase chocolate Easter bunnies instead of live rabbits. This Easter, NCA will tout a "Battle of the Bunnies" campaign and reveal results from a nationwide survey that show Americans prefer candy bunnies to live bunnies as Easter gifts. Visit NCA's web site or the Make Mine Chocolate! web site in the upcoming weeks for more news on this exciting partnership. Contact NCA's Susan Fussell at (703) 790-5750.

Posted by Karalee at 10:12 AM

February 5, 2007

Baby, it’s COLD outside!

True, most of our beloved buns are safe and warm indoors. But when the temperature drops like it has this week, it’s always a good time to remind everyone of cold weather safety tips for those critters not as fortunate. First and foremost, if you know anyone with outdoor pets – rabbits, dogs, cats, etc. – ask if they’ll PLEASE move their pet someplace inside, even a barn, enclosed porch or garage (as long as there are no fumes) where the wind can’t get them. If they truly can’t move an animal inside (although I can’t think of any reason why this wouldn’t be an option), extra bedding such as straw will help insulate them (as long as it’s dry!). Water bowls should be closely monitored for freezing. A side note: birds using outdoor bird baths with warmers often have difficulty flying because the water freezes on their feathers! A better option might be to provide a smaller container of drinking water that they’re not tempted to bathe in. It’s also a good time to make sure your bird feeders are full, and I always toss some extra seed on the ground below for squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies, etc. On the up-side, one thing I love about having snow on the ground is that I can see the tracks of all the animals who visit my yard!

Although my buns always like to seek out cooler spots to relax (like the ceramic tile flooring in the bathroom), indoor buns should be protected from cold drafts. And while I know I spoil my guys (who among us doesn’t?), when the thermometer dips and we’ve got a vet appointment, I always start the car and get it warmed up inside before we go anywhere. When it’s this cold out, I also throw a towel over their carrier to try to block some of the wind from getting through on the trek between the house and the car. Of course I don’t have this luxury on the return trip, but with any luck, it’s a short visit and the car is still warm!

If you are in danger of losing power due to extreme temperatures, have a back-up plan for your pets. Keep some extra food and medical supplies on hand. If you’re going to have to leave home until power is restored, take your pets with you or take them someplace else safe. Talk to your vet about emergency boarding or find a hotel that will allow pets in emergency situations.

And lastly, a tip on how to stay warm. One of my favorites, of course, is to snuggle with my bunnies and their thick, warm fur!

Posted by Terri at 8:52 PM

January 23, 2007

Barnaby Update

It has been just over 3 weeks ago since we rescued Barnaby after he was thrown from a car in a stapled shut Macys bag. WOW, this bun thinks the world owes him, or at least he is trying to make Chuck and I think so! Barnaby is one of the best rabbits I have ever known. He is so very sweet and friendly, adores being petted, and just loves to hang out in the Living Room with us. He is fascinated by the fireplace, in fact, the first couple times we let him out into the room, we were afraid he was going to try to jump in, OH MY! We think he now understands that the fire is for looks, not play, but what a silly rabbit. When I let him out and the fireplace is not on, he runs over to it, looks bewildered, then looks at me with a
"hey, what's the deal, where's the warm orange thing?" look on his face.

Barnaby's hormones have really settled down after his neuter we are pleased to announce. This little fart could be persistent on checking out your leg from time to time! He will still occasionally buzz but that is all.

Barnaby is still deaf, though sometimes we question whether he can now hear low pitched sounds or whether it is just the vibration. We will continue to monitor his hearing as we continue the ear drops and anti-inflammatory medicine. He will go back to the vet in a couple weeks for a recheck on his ears. But, Barnaby could care less that he can't hear and is not easily startled like many buns with hearing difficulties. We are very grateful.

Barnaby does not seem to have a care in the world, well maybe one: I WANT OUT OF MY PEN TO PLAY MOM, THUMP!

Posted by Karalee at 12:05 PM

January 7, 2007

ASPCA Poison Control Hotline

As a card-carrying member of the ASPCA, I have known for quite a while that they operate a poison control hotline. In fact, I have a magnet with the toll-free number on my refrigerator. It’s up there with my disaster preparedness tips magnet, my compounding pharmacy magnet, my vet’s business card magnet, and my (human) nurse hotline magnet. I have a lot of other magnets, most of which have a story behind them, mostly related to my travels. However, even though it has remained on my fridge for several years, the Poison Control Center magnet is not one I ever expected to have its own story.

In general, Max (our current foster bunny) keeps us on our toes. One of his favorite activities (when he can get away with it) is to charge down the hallway connecting the bedrooms, zip around our room and up over our bed, leap down and dash into my closet. Mostly he hops across my shoes, through the pants and dresses that reach nearly to the floor, chews on a stray shopping bag or shoe box until I shoo him on his way. One evening, Max went into his usual routine as I sat and watched television. As he disappeared into the closet, I began to get up to chase him out. But I had my hands full with Stuart, our very nimble pet mouse, whom I had to secure before I could divert my full attention to Max. As I quickly placed Stuart in his cage, I heard Max chewing. To my horror, I found him in an open shoe box with the little packet of those moisture control beads torn open. Now, I didn’t see him actually eat any of them, so I couldn’t be sure. But my mind started racing. Of course it was 10:00 at night. What to do, what to do? I tried to control my rising panic. Then I remembered the hotline. I dialed, was advised of the $55 consultation fee (what choice did I have?), and was patched through to the attending vet. After a few initial questions, I shakily explained the situation. Much to my relief, the vet informed me that the material used in those packets is “inert” and non-toxic. WHEW!!! However, it is a desiccant (which is used for drying), so I should keep an eye on him for signs of mild stomach upset. As I watched Max greedily eat his greens, leftover pellets, hay, and a few remnants of a Busy Bunny basket, I realized how lucky I’d gotten. Lesson learned: supervise, supervise, supervise. Even though I know Max’s routines, he can find new trouble in old places.

And for reference, the number is 1-888-426-4435. May you never need it.

Posted by Terri at 11:19 PM

December 31, 2006

Barnaby survives being thrown from a car!

Stunned would be a good word to describe both Barnaby and myself a couple days ago. Barnaby was stunned because he was put in a plastic Macy's bag which was stapled shut and thrown from a moving car. I was stunned to get the call shortly after it happened from the Delaware Humane Society where Barnaby ended up. A family was driving behind the car and saw something thrown out and the bag rolling. They stopped thinking it was a dog but found little Barnaby in the split-open bag with one of the handles wrapped around his neck.

What is absolutely amazing is that as far as we can tell, he will be okay. We were able to get him to the vet quickly and they could find only a small amount of blood on his lip. No broken bones or teeth, thank God! He was very stressed (gosh, do you blame him??) but settled in nicely once I got him home.

He is eating and pooping and is now starting to run around his pen playing. He is excited to see me when I walk into the room and he loves being petted and kissed. He is a real sweetheart! Barnaby does seem to not hear well, or be deaf, which we will be checking out further when he sees the vet again in a couple days.

I can not for the life of me figure out why someone would want to harm this little fellow. It would have been so easy to take him to the shelter, or as bad as it would have been, to just release him, not trap him in a bag and throw him from the car.

Here are a couple pictures of Barnaby and the bag:

Macy Bag

Guess who will be having a fabulous New Year...Barnaby!

Posted by Karalee at 4:14 PM

November 6, 2006

To the MAX!

I picked up my new foster bunny last Saturday. The “Bun Formerly Known as Mosey” came from the Capital Area Humane Society. He was born there in April to Cassandra, a beautiful New Zealand White. He, of course, is not white. He’s a gorgeous silky black with dark chocolate accents. Having been born at the shelter, he’s spent his whole young life in a 2x2 cage. So I expected when I put him in his 4x4 pen in the spare bedroom that he’d be overjoyed with all the space. Oh, not so. Within minutes, he was banging on the pen demanding to be released into the entire room! It was then that we decided his name had to be MAX. Short for Maxwell? Maybe. Maximum is probably the better fit because there is nothing diminutive about this guy! He’s a good size bun, as NZ’s usually are. But his personality and attitude are his biggest assets! He has wasted no time in moving in and taking over. And don’t think he doesn’t know how handsome he is! He’s a charmer, this one! So, we have our own in-house celebrity (just don’t tell him no one’s heard of him yet). It’s Max to the MAX!

Posted by Terri at 10:20 PM

August 22, 2006

CHRS Activities and Volunteers Needed

Hello everyone

CHRS volunteers are busier than ever and we need your help!
We want and need more of our members to volunteer a little
bit of their time to help us help rabbits. We are invited to
rescue events such as the upcoming Pickerington PetFest,
Pug Rescue's Santa in September, and Obetz Animal Hospital's Open
House, and we need people to be at the information tables to hand out literature and talk with people about rabbit care and behavior. It's not hard and a great way to share your knowledge of rabbits and help
people to better care for their rabbits!

If you are interested in participating at events, please let me know.
We would be very grateful for your help!

Also, we have an ongoing need for volunteers to help socialize the
bunnies at Capital Area Humane Society. It's a great way to hook up
with other members and make friends as well as help give our dear shelter buns some lovin'. The rabbits look forward to our volunteers' visits which provides them with some petting time and much needed exercise.

It is not a huge commitment!! If you can volunteer 2 - 4 hours a month, we would love to have you join us. Please consider giving a little bit of your time to brighten the days of shelter rabbits while they are waiting for their new homes. Please contact Danielle at if you would like more information.

If you like social events, consider helping Julie Schram plan our upcoming fall bonfire on Saturday, October 14th. Please contact Julie at

If any of you have been thinking about adopting a rabbit, well, now
is the time! Adoptions have been slow and we have many wonderful buns in foster care as well as Capital Area has lots of nice rabbits and Citizens for Humane Action had 8 rabbits dumped on their doorstep during the night. CHA normally does not take in rabbits and we are trying to help them. We have pulled 2 and found emergency foster homes for them. There is a mom and 2 babies and 5 other young adults.

You can see pictures of CHRS & CAHS rabbits on our website at You can see pictures of the CHA rabbits on our website soon.

Our chapter is busy & growing and we need YOU to get involved today! If you would like to be added to our volunteer mailing list, please let me know at

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Chapter Manager

Posted by Karalee at 4:01 PM

July 5, 2006

Raffle Winner Enjoys Drawing of her Buns!

"And the winner is Ruth Nunes." Ruth was thrilled to hear her name called at our recent chapter picnic in June. Local artist and member Joseph Larkin donated another drawing to help bring in funds for our chapter buns. But this time there was a twist--Joseph drew Ruth (and Dave's!) rabbits by a photograph she later sent to him. Georgie and Lily not only run their house but now a beautiful portrait of them hangs on their wall!

You can see the drawing at:

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May 25, 2006

Polly now on the web for adoption

Sweet Polly, who survived her ordeal of being thrown out with the trash is now ready for adoption! Polly has gained some of her needed weight and has been spayed. Take a minute and check out her
new pictures on the adoptables page at

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May 7, 2006

Nominees, Please!

The Annie M. Curry Volunteer Service Award was created to let our volunteers express their appreciation to each other for outstanding dedication to our mission.

Know a volunteer who always goes that extra mile to help our Chapter?

Maybe it's one of our dedicated foster homes. Or someone who frequently donates supplies for our foster buns. Or who spends extra time at the shelter.

And what about those "behind the scenes" folks who help fold brochures, create info packets, or stuff envelopes? Or those who work on our "Make Mine Chocolate!" campaign - making pins, folding the cards, putting pins/magnets cards, folding shirts, etc.

And what about events? Do you know anyone who always works the booth or information table? Or has someone really made a difference in planning our own events?

If this sounds like someone you know, nominate him or her to receive the Annie M. Curry Volunteer Service Award. Send their name and a brief statement of why you think they deserve to be recognized to by June 1, 2006.

Now, the envelope please . . .

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April 22, 2006

Rabbit Story on National Public Radio

We received an email through the "Make Mine Chocolate!" address alerting us to this story that aired earlier this week on National Public Radio's Living on Earth program. Needless to say, as a long-time listener and supporter of NPR, I'm very disappointed. I did not personally hear this story; our local stations do not carry this program. However, a transcript is available at

While the breeder in the story sounds as though she's trying to be responsible in making sure her Easter rabbits are going to good homes, the bigger picture is that many of these rabbits will still end up in shelters, with rescue groups, or set free to die because their families were not prepared for the reality of living with a rabbit. The "Make Mine Chocolate!" campaign was started specifically to combat the problem of people giving/getting live rabbits at Easter, only to become disinterested in them in the following weeks or months.

Please read the transcript, then contact them and politely explain why this story is troublesome. The contact information for the show is
Living on Earth
20 Holland Street Suite 408
Somerville, MA 02144-2749

NPR's contact information (including a "pitch page") is at

Please request that they do a story on Easter rabbits from a rescue groups' perspective. Be sure to include our web address at and the "Make Mine Chocolate!" address at

Let's tell them that the rabbits "living on earth" are not disposable pets.

If you need help getting started, I have drafted a sample letter that can be used for both NPR and Living on Earth. For an electronic copy (in MS Word) please contact me at

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April 17, 2006

Polly likes Laundry!

It's not "Shake N Bake and I helped!", it's "Polly, and I helped!", with laundry that is, not chicken. We already know that Polly does not like chicken...remember the chicken gumbo soup in her food bowl when we found her and poor skinny Polly waiting for real bun food?

Polly is working hard at Kelly and Kyle's to thank them for opening their home and hearts to her while she is in foster care. Polly felt like laundry was just the way to help so she dove right in, literally, and is sorting her way to the washer!

You can see little helper Polly at:

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April 15, 2006

Update: Rabbit thrown out with the trash

Polly is her new name and being a spoiled house rabbit is her game! If you blinked you would have missed how long it took Polly to go from rags to riches!

I took Polly to the vet the day after I got her. Thankfully, she got a good checkup overall--teeth looked good and ears were just waxy, no infection, but this poor little skinny rabbit who weighed 3.5 lbs needs to gain at least 1 lb, maybe a tad more to be at a good weight. Gee whiz, that is about 1/3 of her current body weight she needs to gain. I guess we can understand why--what rabbit wants to eat chicken gumbo soup!

But don't worry, she is having no problem eating her way to a healthy weight! She loves pellets, hay, greens and fruit. She is thankful for real food. She will be spayed once she has gained enough weight.

Kelly McCafferty (and Kyle) are the proud new foster parents of Polly and say that she is doing fantastic. She loves to run around and explore everything and loves to jump up on the couch! She is such a loving bun too; will sit in your lap and snuggle in for a nice long petting session.

All I can say is what in the world is wrong with people? Who could throw this sweet, wonderful, loving rabbit out with the trash???

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April 13, 2006

A Rising Star

Elaina’s public is demanding to see her again. On Monday, April 17th, she will be making another live TV appearance on WCMH Channel 4's new pet segment with Bob Nunnally. A quick call to her agent (AKA foster parent Danielle) verified that she was available. Of course Karalee will be showing a proper pen set-up again and talking about proper rabbit care. But our money’s on Elaina to steal the show again!

Tune in to Channel 4 at noon on Monday, April 17th to watch Elaina charm another news crew!

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April 12, 2006

Elaina: The Perfect Spokesrabbit

Danielle's foster bun, Elaina, made her television debut last Monday on the WSYX Channel 6 noon news. Karalee’s plan was to show Elaina enjoying her pen set-up. The pen looked great, and of course Elaina was just adorable. The newscasters may have been the ones talking, but she was the star of the show! She hopped curiously around her pen, exploring her surroundings and checking out the people talking about her. When one newscaster started to put her Cottontail Cottage in her pen, she couldn’t wait! She was so excited that she kept standing up, making it difficult for him to set the cottage down! As soon as he did, she jumped inside as if on cue! People could actually see this rabbit had a personality.

The best thing was the main news anchor was quite impressed with Elaina and said, “Wow! She seems really smart! Is she smart?” Karalee said, “YES! Rabbits are very smart!” But no one had to tell us that; we already knew!

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April 8, 2006

Another rabbit thrown out with the trash

Well, I have another rabbit in my basement that was thrown out with the trash.

I received a call from an older gentleman near East High School saying that he found a rabbit in a cage by the dumpster. He called animal control who told him they could not do anything and gave him my number and said I would come pick the rabbit up. Nice, huh? Not sure where they got that information.

So, I told him we were full and that he could take the rabbit to our local shelter. When I told him where it was located, he said he could not afford gas to drive there with the cost of gas. I offered to pay his gas but he said he did not want to drive all the way there anyway. I asked him to bring the rabbit to me and I would take the rabbit to the shelter the next day but he said the same thing, "all the way there, I don't have enough money for gas to get to your house". Soooo.... I told him I would pay his gas if he could please bring the bun to me. When he struggled with the answer I said "I promise I will pay your gas. Honest I will pay you". I did pay him very well.

As it turns out, he owns a home and he was talking about those big city trash cans they give people. He opened his van door and brought out this darling small lop who was shivering and whimpering in this small dirty cage. The water bottle had spilled all over so the rabbit and everything else was wet. THERE WAS CHICKEN GUMBO SOUP IN HER FOOD BOWL. I about flipped. That was the first time that I had seen a rabbit being fed soup. There was a lot of cracked corn at the bottom of her cage that had gotten all wet. I think she was being fed cracked corn on the cob that people give squirrels.

She is very, very thin with a somewhat blotted belly. We put her in the pen and she was so like my little Peanut, standing up, looking all around, very friendly. We left her alone for a little bit then checked her out. She was NOT easy to pick up or hold down so we were limited on what we could do. She was very frightened and kept whimpering. After we clipped her nails and made sure she did not have any immediate problems, I put her back in her pen. She immediately turned right around and put her head down under my leg and wanted me to pet her. She absolutely knows that we saved her from a terrible fate.

Are you getting the picture now.....huh, what shelter??? I don't know anything about a shelter.

I so appreciate what the man did to help this rabbit, and I really do not like people very much. The things that could have happened to this rabbit if that kind man had not rescued her and cared enough to call me.

You can see a picture of her old cage and one in her new pen at:

Updates to follow soon.


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April 5, 2006

Are you ready for an Emergency?

It must be Spring: the days are longer; birds are singing; flowers are popping up. And though it’s still early in the season, nature showed its mighty force in the storms that ripped through the Midwest last week. For us in Central Ohio, it’s a timely reminder to update our family disaster plans and make sure they include our pets. The American Red Cross (,1082,0_239_,00.html) recommends having a three-day supply of the basics for each family member (food, water, medications, batteries, radio, flashlight, etc.).

Likewise, the Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) recommends similar planning for your companion animals. ( A week’s supply of food, water, and medications should be stored in airtight containers that can be accessed easily during an evacuation. Keep carriers on hand for transporting each pet. Be sure to have identification for each animal in the event you are separated. Because rabbits don’t wear tags and collars, a good way to do this is to have a photo of each pet. Even better is a photo of your pet with your family. A photo can offer proof to rescuers that a certain pet belongs to you. Before disaster strikes, call around to locate area hotels that allow pets. It also never hurts to ask if a hotel’s “no pet” policy would be waived during a disaster. Remember that human shelters rarely allow companion animals on-site due to health concerns, so you should be prepared to take your pet to a local shelter or temporary shelter for safekeeping. Most shelters will allow you to visit your companion animals while they are being housed.

Keep all of your emergency supplies together in a central location to make finding them easy when they are needed. A little planning can help keep your entire family–human and non-human– safe during an emergency.

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March 19, 2006

Carson the House Rabbit

CHRS set up a booth at the Midwest Veterinary Conference for the 5th time this year. One of the exhibitors, The Magic Zoo, who specializes in handmade animal jewelry, was interested in taking a picture of one of our rabbits in the pen set-up we had for display and educational purposes.

We jumped on the chance to get some publicity for house rabbits! We picked Carson, Julie Schram's foster bun, who is just adorable and very friendly. He did fabulous and showed people that rabbits really do have personalities, use the litterbox, and love to play and hang out in cottontail cottages!

Here is the link to his picture:

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March 1, 2006

Glamour Shots Live Rabbit Raffles

Every year Glamour Shots offers "Live Easter Bunny" photos. Rabbits are purchased or borrowed for these events and some stores raffle the rabbits away after the promotion is over. To register your concerns, please contact Glamour Shots at 800-336-4550 ext 802.

Please call today!!

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February 21, 2006

Petland Mini-Lop Ad and How YOU Can Help

Hello everyone

I opened the Sunday paper to find a nice color ad from Petland
advertising mini-lops for $8.88, and with a coupon, you could save
25%. A little baby mini-lop for $6.66. Wow, what a bargain.

Yes, that is what uneducated people think when they see that
ad and have little kids begging for a bunny. However, for those
of us in the know, it's far from a bargain. In fact, it is usually
the start and end of a bunny life.

Why am I telling you this? Because we need for each and every
one of you to do your part and help educate the public. YOU
are the rabbit lovers and YOU are the people that CAN make a
difference if you take the time to help.

The feeling that "someone else will do it" does not work in
this situation. We ALL need to join together and help spread
the word that rabbits are not disposable Easter pets.

We are excited that Oxbow is partnering with us this year and
has a link to our MMC! website on their homepage. Rabbit
Central is a new partner and is including a MMC flyer in each
order they send out. Leith Petwerks is giving away magnets
with each of their orders over a certain dollar amount.

Please, don't wait for someone else to help, YOU help too!
We have a new color flyer & envelope labels on the web
for download in addition to all the other educational materials.
We have the t-shirts, sweatshirts, pins, and magnets for wear
to help promote the cause. Our new Interactive Bun
(formerly Learning Center) has a fantastic new game building
a bunny food pyramid.

The bunnies can't speak for themselves but we can
speak for them. Will you?

The rabbits and I thank you for your support!


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February 9, 2006

2006 Make Mine Chocolate! Easter Campaign

February 5th marks the official start of this year's "Make Mine
Chocolate!" campaign, which promises to be more exciting than ever!
Our new features for this year include:

- a Raffle of an original acrylic painting by professional artist,
Joseph Larkin.

- "What Will You Feed Your Rabbit?" is a fun, interactive game that
teaches players the basics of a healthy rabbit diet through building
the bunny food pyramid. It can be found in the Learning Center.

- a Blog for sharing Partner information, activities, and creative
ideas for customizing your campaign at

- Refined Partnership program to reflect the ways in which our
Partners participate

You can see all of this at We appreciate your support!

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January 18, 2006

17 Rabbits abandoned in a barn

It was a Happy New Year for 17 holland lops that were abandoned in a barn and rescued by a small dog/cat rescue group northwest of Columbus. We got a call about them 2 days before Christmas and started working on finding emergency foster homes for them. Our membership is fantastic and many members offered to open their homes to a needy rabbit.

We were able to go get 5 of them on Dec. 30th and returned on New Year's Day for the remaining 12 rabbits. We quickly worked on getting them spayed and neutered because we were not sure if any females might be pregnant.

As of today, all are fixed except for one of the babies who needed to mature a bit more and is now scheduled for his neuter next Wednesday.

Four have already been adopted and you can see many of the adoptable buns on the website. They are darling rabbits and grateful to become house rabbits!

Thanks to everyone who has made this rescue possible and to those that have made monetary donations to help with their veterinary care.

Now, we just need loving homes!

Posted by Karalee at 12:13 AM

December 7, 2005

Kroger Reloadable Gift Cards a Winner!

$828.66 Yes, that is what CHRS has made in less than 4 months thanks to supporters of the program. It is easy to use and makes each purchase a valuable source of income to help with our foster care expenses.

Want to help? Purchase a $10.00 reloadable gift certificate from CHRS, load your money on it before you shop and use it to pay for your groceries. CHRS will get 5% of your total and it costs you nothing. It is that simple!!

For more information, please visit

Thank you for your support!

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September 21, 2005

Artwork for Bonfire Raffle

CHRS member Joseph Larkin has generously donated his time and talent in creating a beautiful charcoal drawing for our Bonfire Raffle on October 8th.

You can see the drawing on our website at:

And, stay tuned for his next piece of artwork! Joseph has done a fabulous color painting which will be raffled off as part of our Make Mine Chocolate! Easter Ribbon Campaign.

Thanks Joseph!

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July 25, 2005

Kroger Offers Reloadable Gift Cards as Fundraiser

Great news for Kroger shoppers! CHRS can now order gift cards that can be reloaded with money by YOU. No need to buy gift certificates from CHRS before you do your shopping. You would purchase a card from our chapter for the first time with $10.00 on it. After that, you can reload the card with your money at your convenience and use it to purchase your groceries. We will get 5% of your total and it costs you nothing. It's fast and easy and a fantastic way to help us raise money for our foster rabbits.

Important Note: If a balance of zero is on the card for 90 days, the card will be cancelled and we will lose the percentage we would get from all your previous purchases that has not already been paid to us. It is important to make sure you always have at least $1.00 on your card.

If you would like to purchase a gift card, please contact Karalee at

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June 20, 2005

CHRS Helps Military Contractor with Emma

Sunday evening, three days into my vacation, a CHRS volunteer was contacted by a woman about temporary housing for her bunny. But this was no ordinary bunny-sitting request. The woman, Karen H., lives in Georgia and is being deployed to Iraq to work as a contractor providing electronic equipment support to the military. She could be away up to one year. With short notice of her assignment, she was desperate to find housing for her beloved Emma, a white Netherland Dwarf with blue eyes. She turned to us, after trying to find assistance in Georgia, because her parents live in Ohio. The list of bunnysitters on our website gave her contact names to begin her search.

She contacted Kelly M., who directed her plea to CHRS volunteers, Educators, and the Board of Directors. Our network of caring volunteers sprang into action. Karen’s situation was communicated to our members as well as to Board members of the Buckeye chapter, in case they could provide assistance. Within minutes of our request, several members had offered to house Emma while Karen was away. Over the next 24 hours, the offers poured in – for long-term temporary housing, for short-duration/emergency housing, for monetary support, for moral support. Ultimately, we provided Karen a list of volunteers – some of whom had contacted her immediately – and allowed her to choose where Emma would be housed. This was a far cry from thinking she’d have to surrender Emma to a shelter because no one could take her! This week, Emma will move in with CHRS member Kelly O. for the next several months. She will be cared for and loved while her mom is away. Karen can fulfill her duty knowing that Emma is safe and awaiting her return.

Thanks again to all who offered their homes and support to Emma and Karen.

Posted by Karalee at 4:40 PM

May 25, 2005

Garage Sale

Welcome to the new CHRS blog! We will be posting CHRS news that was previously sent out in e-mail updates. Please bookmark and remember to visit often to keep up-to-date on all the CHRS activities and adoption news.

CHRS volunteers had a couple tables set up at the annual German Village garage sale on Saturday May 21st and we made $400.00! It was a last minute thing to participate and we appreciate Kelly McCafferty and Kyle for organizing the event as well as Terri & Jeremy Cook and Eileen Vorst for working it that day. Also, thanks to those who donated on such short notice.

Posted by Karalee at 7:53 PM