June 5, 2011

Adoption Update - Bella!!



Even though Bella wasn't officially part of the CHRS foster care system, she needed a home and we helped to find her one!

This lucky girl was adopted in April by Heather and Jeremy and they absolutely adore their little girl. They have renamed her Cloud, and she now has has many cute nicknames, but she doesn't care what you call her so long as you are paying attention to her! She is now the queen of her very own cottontail cottage and is a big fan of veggies. Although her favorite treat is actually blueberries.

We are thrilled for Cloud and her new family!

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May 9, 2011

Adoption Update

Scarlet 005.JPG
Little lionhead Scarlett was adopted at the end of April to be buddies with resident Rex rabbit Theodore. Scarlett groomed Theo on the first date and did all sorts of binkies around him so we are keeping our paws crossed for an easy and quick bonding. Scarlett now lives in Barnesville, Ohio.

Check out her pretty new "hair" accessories!

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September 21, 2009

Adopted Abby!

An update from Denise:

Abby and Ziggy are now living together and getting along well. I don't think they have quite decided who is in charge yet. I ended up putting some banana on Abby's head and Ziggy finally "groomed" her. She loved it!! Ziggy loved the banana. Abby is quite demanding in the relationship and Ziggy remains laid-back. She will still occassionally bat at him with her front paws when she is not getting what she wants, but she won't do a thing to him when he takes greens right from her mouth?! They make a cute little pair and Ziggy seems more upbeat.

Abby and Ziggy

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January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Finally, 2009 is here!

I have to admit that I slept through it, having recently acquired a taste for early to bed and early to rise. Yep, I'm getting old.

But I have finally discovered what the early risers have always known. The early morning hours are a wonderful time to spend with our four-legged friends. Shelby is definitely a morning rabbit, greeting me with repeated thumps indicating her displeasure that it's 6 am and she STILL hasn't had her morning pellets.

Kramer greets me with a flick of his tail before magically re-appearing in the kitchen, waiting impatiently for his breakfast. Molly is like me - slow moving. But with Kramer's encouragement, she makes her way over and eats her share.

What better way to greet the New Year than happy, (reasonably) healthy bunny faces! I am so very grateful for mornings like this.

Another reason to be grateful this first day of the New Year? So many rabbits found their forever home this past year, four within the past month!

All of Lucy's babies have now been adopted. Lacey has been adopted by Megan, who also has Blackberry. I remember Lacey as a baby, climbing on top of her siblings to find just the right spot to sleep. Little Brie, gorgeous and a bit shy, won over the hearts of Anne and Albert. Hard to believe but Lucy's babies are almost a year old now!

The Lambright family have adopted Peyton, a big gorgeous guy.

Mary Beth took in Worf as a foster and decided to keep him.

So, as the New Year begins, my hope is that you and your fur balls have a very happy and healthy New Year! And thanks so much for supporting CHRS! We really are making a difference.

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August 12, 2008

More Winners

I am delighted to announce that two more babies have been adopted - as a bonded pair. For a while it looked like Buffy would be adopted as a single rabbit. She turned up her bunny nose at every suitor that came her way. But after one spay and one neuter. she and brother Marshall happily reunited. They went to their forever home with Stacy and Chad on Sunday. Whoo hoo!!!!

Marshall and Buffy

You may have heard about Tanner, a young male who was dumped in a Worthington park. A good samaritan rescued him and lavished much love and attention on him but could not keep him due to her landlady. Megan (who also has Blackberry) has generously taken him in. Kudos to Megan!

Megan has been busy on another front. Buck-A-Bun subscribers will be in for a treat come September. Keep an eye on those inboxes!

Finally, Karalee is on the mend following another serious asthma attack. Definitely good news!

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June 14, 2008

Excellent Adoption News

One of the more pleasant tasks I get to perform is removing rabbits from the Adoptables page on the columbusrabbit website when they have found their forever homes.

I had triple the pleasure tonight. Our beloved Blackberry, baby Maddie, and cutie Rupert have all been adopted.

Whoo hoo and major kudos to everyone involved!

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June 9, 2008

Maddie and Nicky

Another baby appears to have found a new friend and a new home. As the picture below shows, Maddie may be ready to swap her six siblings for a very handsome fellow named Nicky. Whoo hoo! Keep your fingers crossed that the bonding is a success.

Congratulations to everyone involved. And keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming for momma Lucy.

Maddie & Nicky

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June 1, 2008

Blackberry, Lucy and Other Adoption News

Yesterday was a big day for our beloved Blackberry, who had her first bonding with Megan Lynch's 11-year-old Rex, Major Triad. Megan is a new volunteer who is doing our email newsletters. As you can see, their first date went very well. Of course, Blackberry groomed him and he even groomed her once. Keep your fingers crossed that today's second date goes well!

 Blackberry & Major

Two other bondings are going on, Maddie is one of Lucy's babies.


Earl survived a traumatic attack by an animal which resulted in the loss of a couple toes. He was then surrendered to a local vet clinic This little guy has definitely earned a forever home.


Unfortunately, not all the news is good. Lucy has had another setback. Both eardrums have ruptured. Hopefully, a CT Scan will clarify the extent of the problem. Please keep Lucy in your thoughts and prayers.

Another rabbit, Hannah, is being returned. The Nunes have offered to foster her temporarily until a slot opens up in the Curry home. Our sincere thanks to Ruth and Dave!

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November 15, 2007

Adoption Update 11/15/07

Brooks and Katie were a match made in heaven and are now enjoying lazy days together sharing the home of Erin and Paul.

Preston was adopted by Cara and is becoming friends with Ping, who recently lost her mate Pong.


Hooper stole the hearts of Heather and Jarrod and moved to Dayton to hopefully bond with their single gal Carrera.


Eddie moved in with first time rabbit caretakers Sara & Andy and is happy to show them the ropes of sharing their home with a rabbit. He promptly nibbled a couple buttons off the remote! I laughed when Sara told me and said I don't think I know of a house rabbit yet that has not found remote buttons tasty :-)


Darcy has found a fabulous home with the Benson family and quickly made herself right at home.


Jessie got adopted by Sarah & Tim and is being bonded with resident rabbit Bunny.


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August 11, 2007



Frankie & Aquila were adopted by Carrie and Michael and are settling into their new home in Oxford.


Lauren is showing new rabbit caretaker, Tricia, how wonderful living with a rabbit can be!


Recently bonded Claire and Max are finding joy in their new life together with Sharon in Dayton.


Newman has found a wonderful home with first time rabbit caretaker Megan.


New beginnings for foster rabbit, Mocha, and for adopter and previous CHRS fosterer, Carol, who graduated from vet school and moved out of state to start her new career.


Jules was adopted by Renee and is living a life of contentment in Clintonville.


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April 30, 2007

Adoptions Update

We are excited to announce the following rabbits found their new loving homes!

Kelly & John have welcomed Nellie into their home and hearts.

Jackson & Helen
Jackson & Helen were adopted by Kim & Greg and are thrilled to have a new home together!

Elise now lives with the Ray family and has a bunny pal in Peanut.

Kramer moved up in the ranks from foster rabbit to permanent resident rabbit when he found true love with Sue's rabbit Molly.

Barnaby was adopted by Erin and Paul and has absolutely taken over their house!

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January 30, 2007

Adoptions Update

We are excited to announce the following rabbits found their new loving homes!

Maggie loves her new home with Heather & Danny and is being spoiled!

Leslie is now living with Kim and Jasmine and is thrilled to have found a loving home!

Benjamin moved in with Sarah and is helping her with her college studying.

Cleopatra now lives with the Sherer family and is showing them how wonderful living with a rabbit can be!

Izzy moved in with Shannon and Matt and is hoping to become quick friends with resident rabbit Herbie.

Pepe now shares Diane and Ed's home and hangs out with Diane in her home office.

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November 1, 2006

Recent Adoptions

While adoptions have been slower the past few months, we are excited that several buns did find wonderful homes!

Christy Palmer adopted Cosby and he is becoming friends with Phoebe and Gracie.

The Petersons adopted Gracie and she has made herself right at home.

Renee Vititoe adopted Robin as a friend for Trixie who recently lost her mate.

The Schweitzers fell in love with Maltilda and welcomed her to their home.

The Babberts had recently lost their rabbit and adopted Jonesy. He had been in foster care for many months so we are all thrilled that dear Jonesy now has his own wonderful home!!

Madelyn moved in with the Rees family and quickly bonded to Hamilton.

Kirby has found a wonderful home with Nancy Neff.

The Weavers adopted Mickey and he is now the resident home office rabbit. He has his own executive chair!

Samson moved to Upper Arlington with the Dalton family and is thriving in his new home.

Kendall now lives with the Niezgoda family and has a fantastic home where he is becoming quite spoiled.

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June 19, 2006

Adoptions and Bondings Update 06/19/06

We knew it wouldn't take long for dear Polly, now named Ophelia, to find a home. Melissa fell in love with Polly as soon as she met her, but of course, who wouldn't?! Not only does she have a fantastic home with companionship from Melissa and a dog and cat, but Melissa is also a veterinarian so I would say Polly is one lucky little bun!

Carson nows lives with Mike and cat buddy Sox. While Mike knows cats, Carson is showing him how wonderful living with a rabbit can be!

Amelia moved to Oxford with Carrie and Michael and is currently bonding with bun Jonathon.

Allie moved in with Khisha and Paul and has taken over their upstairs picking out all the best spots to sleep!

Emily never made it to the web. This cute bun stole the heart of Wendy and former CHRS foster bun Scout who was looking for a friend. This cute pair sure are happy now!

Sammi met Chip and they quickly became pals. They look like two peas in a pod!

Marissa and mom Kelly absolutely fell in love with little Teddy. Who wouldn't? He is such a sweetie and a fantastic bun for the Morgans.

Sophie & Chloe are now named Ruth and Lucy and are happily living in German Village with Diana and her other buns EmmyLou and Gilbert.

Shadow moved to Dayton with Denise and is hoping to become friend with gal pal Oreo.

Darling Ranger moved in with the Grennell Family.

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March 1, 2006

Adoptions and Bondings Update 03/01/06

Melody,the big, beautiful 18 lb Flemish Giant was adopted by the Wrights. Little Libby was adopted by Emma & Nick and is bonding with Burton. Tux & Ella moved in with Jessica and Arvind and are living the high life! Claire is now sharing heart and home with Julianne & John. Winslow has moved to Sunbury and has taken over CJ's home! Monty was adopted by Jennifer and is hoping to become Peach's pal! Jimmy is now living with Tanya and is bonding with Toffee. Stuart & Charlie are two of the bunnies rescued from the barn and are happily living with the Schneider family. Butterscotch moved to Cincinnati with the Chasco's and fell in love with Oliver. Nadia was adopted by our dear rabbit vet friend Diana and bonded quickly with Cliffy. Peanut was adopted by the Voegeles and is in the bonding process with Mr. Pumpkin Bunny. Lucy moved east and is living with the Gretchen family and soon to be bun friend George. Arthur quickly won the heart of Natalie. Jeffrey, another of the rescued barn rabbits moved to Gahanna with Jodi and is bonding with Gabi. Bailey is hoping to become quick friends with Zeppelin. Mandy is now living with Marae and Gretchen and hopefully will bond with Henry.

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November 7, 2005

Adoptions and Bondings Update 11/07/05

Little Willie has been adopted by the Metzger family. Pippin moved in with Kimberly and Vincent and bonded immediately with Cuddles. McKenzie is on a bonding with Pip who recently lost his companion. Happy, renamed Henry, is in the bonding process with Snap and moved in with Marae and Gretchen. Josie was adopted by the Waite family and is showing them how wonderful it is to have a rabbit in the house! Sophie moved in with Charise and hopefully will be fast friends with Keebler.

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September 20, 2005

Recent Adoptions and Bondings

Tess moved in with Carol Costa; Thumper is now bonded with Princess Bun; Scout is hanging out with the Marschner's and hopefully will bond with Trudy; Emmy Lou is living with Diana Webster and will be bonding with Gilbert; and Toffee just moved in with first time rabbit caretaker Tanya.

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July 25, 2005

Adoptions and Bondings Update 07/25/05

We are pleased that we have had the following adoptions since the last update. Liz went to her new home with Suellen. Snuggles will be bonding with Nicki, Otto with Patches, Gracie with Eliott, Kelsey with Paisley & Bun Bun, Jackson with Sassy, Oreo with Callie Jane, and Sydney was adopted as a friend for Radar and they are already bonded. Only took a couple days! Sydney was very vocal about wanting to be with Radar, in fact cried when she was not near him, so Marion put them together and that's all it took. Wow, how we wish all the bondings were that easy!!

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June 1, 2005

Recent Adoptions and current Bondings

Honey now lives with bun pal Hudson and caretaker Ellen. Puffin moved in with the Parishs and is a companion to Twilight. Carmella moved to Huber Heights with the Jones family. Garrett moved to Mason with the Donofe family. Rosie has become friends with Tucker and human Laura. Gibb has settled into the home of Becky and Dustin. Bondings...
Nicola with Jack, Annabell with Thumper, Cookie with Bunny, Pauley with Cammie, and Griffin with Trudy.

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