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December 31, 2006

Barnaby survives being thrown from a car!

Stunned would be a good word to describe both Barnaby and myself a couple days ago. Barnaby was stunned because he was put in a plastic Macy's bag which was stapled shut and thrown from a moving car. I was stunned to get the call shortly after it happened from the Delaware Humane Society where Barnaby ended up. A family was driving behind the car and saw something thrown out and the bag rolling. They stopped thinking it was a dog but found little Barnaby in the split-open bag with one of the handles wrapped around his neck.

What is absolutely amazing is that as far as we can tell, he will be okay. We were able to get him to the vet quickly and they could find only a small amount of blood on his lip. No broken bones or teeth, thank God! He was very stressed (gosh, do you blame him??) but settled in nicely once I got him home.

He is eating and pooping and is now starting to run around his pen playing. He is excited to see me when I walk into the room and he loves being petted and kissed. He is a real sweetheart! Barnaby does seem to not hear well, or be deaf, which we will be checking out further when he sees the vet again in a couple days.

I can not for the life of me figure out why someone would want to harm this little fellow. It would have been so easy to take him to the shelter, or as bad as it would have been, to just release him, not trap him in a bag and throw him from the car.

Here are a couple pictures of Barnaby and the bag:

Macy Bag

Guess who will be having a fabulous New Year...Barnaby!

Posted by Karalee at December 31, 2006 4:14 PM