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December 31, 2006

Barnaby survives being thrown from a car!

Stunned would be a good word to describe both Barnaby and myself a couple days ago. Barnaby was stunned because he was put in a plastic Macy's bag which was stapled shut and thrown from a moving car. I was stunned to get the call shortly after it happened from the Delaware Humane Society where Barnaby ended up. A family was driving behind the car and saw something thrown out and the bag rolling. They stopped thinking it was a dog but found little Barnaby in the split-open bag with one of the handles wrapped around his neck.

What is absolutely amazing is that as far as we can tell, he will be okay. We were able to get him to the vet quickly and they could find only a small amount of blood on his lip. No broken bones or teeth, thank God! He was very stressed (gosh, do you blame him??) but settled in nicely once I got him home.

He is eating and pooping and is now starting to run around his pen playing. He is excited to see me when I walk into the room and he loves being petted and kissed. He is a real sweetheart! Barnaby does seem to not hear well, or be deaf, which we will be checking out further when he sees the vet again in a couple days.

I can not for the life of me figure out why someone would want to harm this little fellow. It would have been so easy to take him to the shelter, or as bad as it would have been, to just release him, not trap him in a bag and throw him from the car.

Here are a couple pictures of Barnaby and the bag:

Macy Bag

Guess who will be having a fabulous New Year...Barnaby!

Posted by Karalee at 4:14 PM

December 18, 2006

Rounds Two, Three, Etc. of Operation Spay/Neuter

It's exciting news that the spays and neuters from CAHS are happening so fast, that I can't even keep up with them! Thanks to Drs. Borders and Hayward, and the staff at Norton Road Vet Hospital, round 2 of operation spay/neuter occurred on December 6th and 7th and included Ricardo, Roberto, Betty Lou, Raisin and Clark.

Round 3 of operation spay/neuter happened this past week-end at Healthy Pets of Rome-Hilliard. Dr. Keith and our wonderful CAHS vet tech Cathy Schoppelrei also gave us very low surgery prices and donated their time to perform spays or neuters on Sammie, Charmer, Cavalier, Tony and Merlin. Popcorn is scheduled to be neutered this Thursday and we will then be close to having ALL rabbits currently at CAHS spayed or neutered.

Many thanks goes out to Karen Winstead for once again coordinating the schedule and arranging for drop offs, pick ups and overnight stays along with help from Cathy Schoppelrei. By having the rabbits already spayed or neutered, we have been able to quickly adopt out 7 rabbits within the past month. I can't think of a better Christmas present for the rabbits at CAHS than a permanent home!!

Posted by Danielle at 12:55 PM

December 6, 2006

So Girl Scouting CAN be Fun (at CAHS)

I confess: I hated being a Girl Scout. But I don’t remember ever doing anything this fun, either. Last Saturday, approximately 60 Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts invaded the Capital Area Humane Society for a three-hour program to work on their Animal Care Patches and Pet Care Badges. CAHS volunteer Jill Jameson and the CAHS staff have put together a terrific program where the girls learn first-hand about the needs of the shelter animals. Each time it’s held, this event is wildly successful.

It’s a crazy day full of learning, chatter, and laughter. The girls are split into groups that rotate between four learning stations: Animal Care, a tour of the shelter, Careers in Animal Care, and Making Treats for the Animals. In the Animal Care session, they are taught about the basic needs of all animals and what it takes to provide for those needs. This is followed by a tour of the CAHS facility where they can see how the staff cares for the animals at the shelter. During Careers in Animal Care, they hear from personnel in different fields of animal care speaking about what they do in their professions. In the last session, the girls make treats for the shelter animals. They bake cat, dog and rodent treats and roll hay bundles for the rabbits. The day wraps up with the girls sharing their homemade treats with the pets downstairs.

Though I’m no gourmet, I usually help with making the treats. While we mix, roll, and cut out our treats, we chat about the kinds of pets they have at home, and about the shelter pets awaiting new homes. We talk about the lessons they learned in the other sessions, and how to apply their new knowledge to caring for their own pets. Depending on the age group, our conversations can range from just plain silly to pondering pet overpopulation and euthanasia. I’m always amazed at how much they learn in a few short hours.

Since I’m not used to spending so much time with pre-teen girls, it’s an exhausting few hours, but well worth it. The girls undoubtedly come away with a better idea of responsible pet caretaking, including the importance of spaying or neutering. And, just briefly, I get to have fun being a Girl Scout!

If you are interested in helping with the next Girl Scout program (scheduled for February), please contact me at terri@columbusrabbit.org.

The Girl Scout program is one of the most successful new programs at the Capital Area Humane Society under the new Humane Education section, which teaches kids about caring for animals. The Humane Education program includes several modules for parents and teachers to use in helping their kids learn about the needs of different kinds of pets. For more information, visit http://www.ohiokidsloveanimals.org/

Posted by Terri at 9:32 PM